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A unique park in a unique city

By Zaid    - 2 min read

Discover the revolutionary park located in the Shibuya Ward of Tokyo. This 330 meter long strip of land is bustling with restaurants, shops, sports facilities, and even a hotel! Foodies will not be disappointed. Miyashita Park’s diverse restaurants and shops offer treats to suit everyone’s palates. Grab a bite at an Izakaya, make your own KitKat at the KitKat Chocolatory, sample the area’s Ramen, and enjoy a glass of brewed in-house wine at Shibuya Winery Tokyo.

While exploring the area’s cuisine, take advantage of its unique entertainment offerings. Peruse stores at Rayard Miyashita Park, the park’s shopping mall, and work up a sweat at its sports facilities, which include a skateboard park, bouldering wall, and beach volleyball courts! If you are looking to relax, be sure to spend some time on the lawn field, located on the park’s roof.

For a truly memorable lodging experience, spend the night at the newly built Sequence Hotel, situated on the top of the park. The hotel’s minimalistic interior design, top-notch amenities, and panoramic views of Tokyo create a luxuriously tranquil atmosphere. Also, have fun with the interactive art pieces displayed in the rooms! What are you waiting for? Grab some friends and make memories at Miyashita Park.

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Kim 11 months ago
Great video! Definitely helps to get a feel for the place. I loved the look of the accommodation!