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Fuji TV Building in Odaiba

One of Tokyo's boldest architectural creations

Fuji Television is one of Japan's private, nationwide TV stations. The Fuji TV Building in Odaiba is the headquarters and studio. Also, you can see some exhibits on popular programs, buy Fuji TV goods at a shop, and access the futuristic looking building's observatory deck housed in the sphere-shaped part of the building. Panoramic views of Tokyo are available in all directions because of the sphere shape.

At first, I spotted the Fuji TV Building from the Ferris Wheel on my first visit to Odaiba. I thought it was very interesting, but heavy rain of the coming typhoon didn't allow me to visit it at that time.

My second visit to Odaiba and the Fuji TV Building was on a fine spring day. The views from the sphere were really grand and I could even see Mt. Fuji! Also, I recognized the studio that I had previously seen in some television program before. The building itself impressed me by its architecture and design.

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