Hunters on Land Exhibition

A special event at the National Museum of Nature and Science

Mar 9th
Jun 13th
Venue: National Museum of Nature and Science When: Mar 9th - Jun 13th 2021

A special event taking place at the National Museum of Nature and Science looks at the theme of hunters on land, and will explore a range of different animals from Cretaceous period crocodiles to modern amphibians, reptiles, and more. There will be displays focused on plenty of familiar hunters too, including the likes of lions, tigers, gray wolves and birds of prey.

Some of the highlights will include a full-scale, biologically accurate replica of Deinosuchus (a giant crocodile that lived in the Cretaceous period), a specimen of the extinct Japanese river otter, and displays of hunters that kill their prey with poison.

Adult admission to the event is priced at 2000 yen, and advance reservations are required. These can be organized through the official event website.

Getting there

The National Museum of Nature and Science is located 5 minutes on foot from JR Ueno Station's Park Exit, or around 10 minutes on foot from the Ueno Station subway lines (Tokyo Metro Ginza/Hibiya Lines).

For those who opt to drive, do note that there is no dedicated parking lot for the museum - however there are various paid lots in the surrounding area.

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Elena Lisina 3 months ago
It must be very interesting for kids!
Kim Author 3 months ago
Yes, I think exhibitions like these are fascinating for children...and adults, too! Lots of interesting things to learn 😊