Kodo One Earth Tour 2014: Mystery

Traditional Japanese drum performance

By Komal Khiani    - 1 min read

Kodo is a professional group of Taiko (Traditional Japanese drums) performers based on Sado Island in Niigata. They have given 3,700 performances in 46 countries worldwide under the theme “One Earth”. Their performances last for approximately 2 hours, including an intermission. The entire show consists of around 15-18 pieces. The title of this show was "Mystery". The stage was very dimly lit to give a sense of something marvelous emerging out of darkness.

The main focus of the group is drumming of course; however, they have incorporated new theatrical elements with creative props and costumes to reach out to a bigger audience. The pictures are taken from their latest performance at Asakusa Public Hall, Tokyo.

Additional Photos: Takashi Okamoto

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