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Tengoku Cafe

Enjoy a snack and a drink at Asakusa with your friends

In the busy streets of Asakusa, there is a cozy cafe where you can rest and enjoy a nice snack with your friends. It is called Tengoku Cafe, and it is located near the big department store known as Don Quijote.

For those of you who doesn't know, the word "Tengoku" means "Heaven" in Japanese. At this cafe, you can enjoy heavenly refreshments with your family and friends. Tengoku Cafe takes pride in their pancakes, so their menu is filled with pancake options. You can order them plain, you can have them with ice cream, or you can enjoy them with ice cream and cubed fruits, etc. If you are not in the mood for pancakes, you can have hot dogs instead. They also have all sorts of tea and soft drinks available for you to quench your thirst after you are done with your snack. Their menu is situated right outside the entrance, so if there is a line you can choose what you wantwhile you wait.