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Ramen Gyoza Restaurant

Simple name, awesome ramen in Yotsuya

Needing only a draw to for Japan to qualify for World Cup 2014, everyone eyes were fixed on the match in this traditional ramen noodle shop. Finding the vibe intriguing, my friends and I decided to venture into this little family-run ramen store tucked away at the corner of Yotsuya.

Not knowing what`s good, I left it to my friends to take the order. What came next was a plate of gyoza dumplings and bowls and bowls of ramen.

The tofu ramen was particularly intriguing because I've never had ramen like this before in Japan. Maybe I haven’t been looking properly hmm! The tofu in the ramen was great; it had more of a bouncy feel, neither too mushy nor hard with a soup based that is reminiscent of a traditional dish in Singapore called 'Hor Fun'. But overall, an interesting bowl of ramen that I will try again.

Next up, I tried the gomuku umani soba. Honestly. I have no idea what the name means but it has to be one of the best ramens I've ever had. Why? Firstly, this particular ramen wasn’t too oily and it was flavorful, rich and absolutely splendid. The ramen also comes packed with generous amounts of cabbage, fish cakes, beef and a small little egg. All in all, I felt like I was getting a good return of the 700 Yen that I shelled out. The gyoza on the other hand were crispy and flavorful in the inside.

Lastly, the atmosphere of this ramen store was brimming with life and packed with truckloads of energy as there were people screaming and shouting (probably over the number of missed chances that Japan had against Australia) It was fitting to be that Mr Honda took on the burden of the nation upon his shoulders and scored the equalizing penalty that sent japan through to the World Cup. This is because when World Cup fever kicks in, I wouldn't be surprised if some other foreigner like me will be drawn into this little ramen store and then be amazed to find the ramen this good!

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