Lola's Cupcakes

Calling all sweet tooths

 By Jessica Lin   Apr 17, 2017

Originally from the UK, Lola’s Cupcakes’ exquisite delights are taking Tokyo by storm. The first store opened to success in Harajuku with a second location since opening in the Roppongi area.

The Roppongi branch is artistically furnished with exuberant colors, making it easy to spot. Lola’s Cupcakes sell decadent desserts for all sweet tooths, ranging from all flavours of mini- to regular-sized cupcakes to luxuriously decorated cakes. This is the perfect place for a quick takeaway dessert or preparing for an extravagant party.

As you glance into the transparent glass display of cupcakes, the overwhelming variety of cupcakes will certainly impress. Apple crumble, matcha, earl grey, red velvet… you name it. All products are creatively and delicately decorated with flamboyant colors, mesmerizing the senses.

After selecting, the cupcakes will be placed in takeaway boxes to secure your cupcake for your indulgence later. The cupcakes are freshly baked daily, giving customers the optimum taste. On top of that, there is a generous swirl of frosting on all cupcakes providing maximum sweetness. These frostings come in all colors, topped with delicious ingredients such as berries, peanut butter, crumbles, and chocolates. The color, shape and composition create the perfect aesthetics of cupcakes.

Although desserts and especially baked goods are generally made with dairy products, such as egg and butter, Lola’s Cupcakes also offer vegan and gluten free cupcakes. Flavors such as coconut and passionfruit have been created for customers with special dietary concerns. Lola’s Cupcakes attempts to satisfy customers of all needs and vegan cupcakes taste just as delicious as regular cupcakes! Seasonal varieties can also be expected year-round so check back often for the latest trends. They also customize desserts for your personal special events and parties.

If you’re looking for some party sweets, check out Lola’s Cupcakes for some impressive desserts. Your guests will sure remember your party by those artistic cakes and cupcakes! The Roppongi store is located in the Hollywood plaza in B1 near Roppongi Hills amongst an assortment of dessert stores.

Written by Jessica Lin
Japan Travel Member

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Andrew Choi 7 months ago
looks really nice but really really sweet.