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Madosh Cafe - Avocado Inspiration

Where avocado dreams come true

Do you love avocados? Not like, love? If you started salivating, you need to visit Madosh Cafe in Tokyo. Hidden between the windy backstreets of Shibuya and Harajuku stations, the cafe is a refreshing change to the bright lights and masses of people that the area is famous for.

A huge avocado on a street corner is the first sign that you are in the right place. A welcoming smile from staff and life size animation of Mr. Avodado on the wall are the second and third.

Madosh Cafe has an intensely cosy vibe with geometric shelves holding records and every inch covered in knick knacks that all seem to be beckoning you to sit and stay for a while. A mix of intimate booths and avocado shaped tables easily accommodate a solo or group visit.

The menu consists of set lunch and dinner combos or you can order separate dishes if you are on a stricter budget. I ordered the lunch set for ¥1800 which kicks off with an avopuccino. This interesting drink had hints of mint and lime and there is an option to add syrups to it for that Japanese sweetness. The lunch set also includes a help yourself station at the back of the cafe including the soup of the day (miso vegan), soft drink and biscuits. Lastly, a main dish needs to be selected from an extensive Japanese Mexican fusion menu with English descriptions (which is celebration worthy over here). I had the vegan taco rice with tofu, beans, fresh lettuce and salsa with a Japanese twist. The lunch was filling, delicious and more importantly full of avocados in perfect melon scooped balls.

With other menu highlights including avocado tempura or fritters, it is easy to see why this cafe has become insanely popular with locals and tourists.

Once your food coma sets in you can get some avo inspiration by looking through recipe books stacked neatly on every table whilst the chefs work their magic behind mountains of avocados on the front counter.

Vegans and meat eaters, rejoice for Madosh Cafe is here and you would be mad not to pay homage to the humble avocado.

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Kim 5 years ago
Yum! As an avocado lover this sounds amazing!
Anonymous 7 years ago
Olga 7 years ago
Love avocados. A great find, Jemma!

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