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Motoya Espresso Express, Omotesando

A quick fix of tasty espresso

Motoya Espresso Express created by Motoki Ito is no stranger for most Tokyoites. The brand differs itself from its competitors by serving the coffee right out of the window of an old van, tucked in between buildings or parked in small alleys. But Motoya offers more than just a unique experience of getting your coffee every day. There are a wide selection of espresso-based drinks as well as snacks and bento boxes for you to choose from. And their coffee actually tastes perfect!

I went to the one in Omotesando, just next to the Benetton’s store. The lady who acted both as the barista and the cashier was very friendly. Once your coffee is ready, you can sit in the available seating area, inside a clean garage. But don’t worry, it’s actually pretty warm and comfortable. And you can enjoy the sound of music coming from their old radio placed at the corner of the garage.

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