Nezu Museum & Garden, Omotesando

May is the season for Irises and fresh green

By Tomoko Kamishima   May 19, 2014 - 2 min read

Walking down Omotesando Street away from Meiji Jingu, you can see a dark colored building surrounded by thin bamboo trees on the right. It is Nezu Museum, based on the private collection of a railway tycoon, Nezu Kaichiro (1860-1940). In May each year, the season of iris and fresh green, the museum holds an exhibition of special works; Ogata Korin’s 'Irises' and Suzuki Kiitsu’s 'Mountain Stream' plus some others. We can enjoy both natural beauty in the garden and artistic beauty inside at the same time. The garden is a pond excursion style Japanese garden, making the best use of a hilly configuration. There are teahouses, small shrines, and lots of stone statues scattered around the garden. When you are tired, have a break at the café amongst the greenery. Korin's 'Irises' is exhibited for only one month every year from around mid April to mid May. (See the museum exhibition schedule details.)

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