Korean tightrope walking (Photo: Republic of Korea / CC BY-SA 2.0)
Korean tightrope walking (Photo: Republic of Korea / CC BY-SA 2.0)

Nikkan Matsuri

Celebrating Japanese and Korean relations

Venue: Online When: Late Sep 2024

The Nikkan Festival will again be staged in central Tokyo's Hibiya Park in late September. An exchange of cultures between Japan and Korea, the festival represents a celebration and coming together of both nations.

First held in 2009, the festival is staged in both Tokyo and Seoul over two days. The festival features numerous stage acts including performances by popular K-pop artists. In previous years, visitors have witnessed taekwondo martial art displays, cultural dances and singing performances, Korean acrobats, Japanese traditional arts as well as foods from both countries.

The event is a free one and for those interested, volunteering opportunities are available. Please visit the official website for more information.

Getting there

The festival is located right outside of Hibiya Station's Exit A14 on either the Hibiya or Chiyoda Subway Lines. Or, take the Marunouchi Subway Line to Kasumigaseki Station for a 5-minute walk from Exit B2. For JR Yamanote Line users, head to Yurakucho Station. The park is an 8-minute walk from the Central West Exit.


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Nolan Snyder 2 years ago
Hey! I plan on going to Tokyo for a week in mid Sept (2022). I don't want to waste my time, and plan to see a lot of parks and festivals. Is it easy to get into events and festivals like this? Do they sell out? and has anyone been to a Sumo tournament? I'd like to go but I'm a bit confused on when tickets become available.
Sleiman Azizi Author 2 years ago
It's very easy! This particular festival is free and open to the public (bearing in mind any covid restrictions at the time).

As for sumo, it's a great experience. Seriously! Check out this guide https://en.japantravel.com/tokyo/guide-to-sumo-at-the-kokugikan/59643#where-to-buy-sumo-tickets

Hope that helps!
Elizabeth S 4 years ago
Korea is so close, yet so far away. What acolytes way to bring neighbors together. K-pop is cool, and traditional Korean entertainment is even cooler. I love the drum and zither. Magic!
Sleiman Azizi Author 4 years ago
K-pop's the thing right now.
Kim 4 years ago
Always nice when the friendships and cultures of two countries can be celebrated!