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Japanese Beef at No Meat, No Life

Enjoy tender wagyu beef at BBQ restaurant in Shinjuku

No Meat No Life is a yakiniku (barbecue) chain restaurant, and after sampling some of their dishes, you will know that this establishment lives up to their name. They have counter seats for those who are dining alone. Of course, they also have tables and booths for bigger parties. However, seats are limited, so it may be prudent to call them and reserve a spot ahead of time just to be on the safe side.

This is the fifth No Meat No Life restaurant opening for business in Tokyo; the reason why this restaurant is popular is because of the quality of their meats. You can enjoy a delicious meal consisting different kinds of extravagant Wagyu beef for a reasonable price.

Their menu is rich with a variety of dishes. They have today's specials, combination platters for those who wishes to sample a little bit of everything, and dishes where they can serve the meat raw!

They take pride in their Wagyu beef combination platters. They provide portions of tenderloin, aitchbone, belly, ribs, ribeye, and chuck flap. They also offer Wagyu tartare, raw meat with their own sauce and egg yolk on top.

This restaurant is located in Nishi-Shinjuku, about a 10 minute walk from Shinjuku Station. When you first enter the restaurant, you can hear the sizzling sound of the meats cooking and that will sharpen your appetite greatly. They have wooden flooring and have a stylish interior: pictures depicting different kinds of meat and decorative plants to lighten up the mood.

If you are a meat lover, than this is definitely a stop for you!