T-Rex! (Photo: Takane Shoji )
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National Museum of Nature and Science

Where exhibits may come alive at night

If the producers of the Night at the Museum were to produce its latest sequel, this museum in Ueno may be of interest to them. From the tyrannosaurus to Sacajawea (or in this case a Japanese substitute from the Edo Period) the National Museum of Nature and Science has it all. The museum divides its exhibits in two buildings: the Japanese Gallery and the Global Gallery. Showcased in the former are taxidermy animals native to Japan, as well as historic artifacts, all of which help to narrate the “natural” and historical evolution of Japan. In the latter are an array of global exhibits from cutting edge scientific technology to a preserved skeletal structure of T-Rex.

The museum is a worthy destination for all visitors – from science wiz types to those looking to spend a rainy day in a museum. In the modern, “scientific” interior of the museum, you will surely find yourself marveling at the meticulously preserved exhibits. The museum could also provide the ever-curious children with a valuable hands-on understanding of science through interactive exhibits with friendly guides, who will explain the mechanics behind the exhibits. Imagine a 1000-page encyclopedia whose contents have been recreated in 3-D and neatly organized into three floors of a building - that is the National Museum of Nature and Science.

Though the museum boasts an incredible repository of exhibits, the exhibit spaces are reasonably small so you need not to worry about tired, painful feet after walking around the museum for a day. As well as the permanent exhibitions, the National Museum of Nature and Science runs special exhibitions too throughout the year.

If you enjoy reading up on the details of every exhibit, the ¥300 rental audio guidance device (in English, Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin) would further enhance your visit. All college students and above will have to pay a ¥600 entrance fee, but for everyone else, you will be able to access the museum free of charge. Among other great museums in Ueno, the National Museum of Nature and Science is a must-go, so if you have time, don’t forget to stop by!

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Elena Lisina 4 years ago
One of my most favorite mueums!