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Oakhouse's Incubar [Closed]

A new concept internet cafe in the middle of town

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The location on this page has been reported permanently closed.

Last updated: Jul 9, 2019

Oakhouse is the place where visitors can experience a new concept in internet cafés. Operated by Oakhouse—a company that operates sharehouses in Tokyo, this internet café offers on-line surfing with a difference. From its name, incuBar Fast Office Movement, they offer a new kind of service in their tiny kiosk in Shibuya.

Half office, half internet café. These words perhaps best describe incuBar. Located at Oakhouse's central office in the heart of Tokyo, IncuBar is stationed on the opposite side of the office.

Visitors are able to connect to the internet through their PC, iPad, or wifi that is also available. Visitors to the cafe decide on which one to use. There are also several magazines that might serve as reference material or light reading. Don’t worry if your smartphone battery is running low; it is also possible to recharge your smartphone and other electrical devices here, even if you haven't brought your charger. IncuBar provides several smartphone chargers and chargers for other devices that are free for customers to use. Furthermore, there's no shortage of places to recharge with the abundance of power sockets that hang down from the ceiling.

While enjoying surfing on the internet, you can make yourself a self-service coffee at the coffee bar in the corner of the room. Tea and coffee are available for free.

Having finished using the internet do you need to print out an important document? Don’t worry. You can print your documents here. It only costs JPY 30 for color printing and JPY 10 for black and white printing.

If you need to have a meeting with friends, or business a partner or partners, Incubar can also be used as a meeting spot!

It is not difficult to find IncuBar. If you are using the Tokyo Metro or JR lines, simply alight at Shibuya Station, proceed to the Hachiko Exit, and walk to the right side of the Shibuya Crossing. The rows of vending machines lined up along this small alley will guide you to IncuBar. The incuBar is a cosy and comfortable place to surf the internet.

IncuBar is open to all visitors. However, it is better to become a member of Oakhouse Club, especially if you want to use the wi-fi connection provided.


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