Photo: makoto tochikubo
Photo: makoto tochikubo
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Oi Central Seaside Park

A quiet sanctuary surrounded by nature

Stroll through this colorful city-forest floating on the beautiful waves of Tokyo Bay. The town, Yashio, was created by filling a landfill and after 40 years of hard work and planned planting, the fruits of the project have blossomed into a haven of nature. Explore this charming destination by Tokyo Monorail or bus.

Summer sees the forest spring to vibrant greens and life. Enjoy this urban oasis and the waterside nature it has to offer. Hidden by lush summer trees, go on a 4-km walk on a pre-planned and self-guided course. Begin your leisurely walk at the Keihin Canal Green Road Park and take in the majestic pine trees before moving on to the Oi Wharf Green Road Park. It’s here that you can enjoy bird-watching for various species and enjoy the combined atmosphere of ponds amongst the maple and sycamore trees.

Photo: Shinagawa Tourism Association

After relaxing with the birds, travel on to Oi Pier Center Seaside Park (Sports Forest) and Oi Pier Seaside Park (Nagisa Forest) where you can enjoy either sports or return to the green embrace of nature.

Photo: Shinagawa Tourism Association

At Sculpture Square, take in the works of art and participate in a spot of yoga under the canopy of trees. Stop off at the Nagisa Forest Management Building to have a short break and admire photographs and various courses and classes on offer. Finish off your day by watching the sunset along the Keihin Canal that overlooks the monorail and tidal flats. The canal is also a popular spot to go fishing. Enjoy your time however you like.

Photo: Shinagawa Tourism Association

Enjoy a private moment of respite, take a solo walk through the autumn leaves and enjoy the colors, sounds, and smells of the season. Listen to the birds as they begin their migratory journey. The same 4-km walking route that you can enjoy in summer takes on a different life in autumn. Please try out the course in any season you visit.

There are many events held throughout the year in Nagisa Forest, such as nature observation sessions, tree-climbing classes, and even park yoga. You can be sure that no matter when you visit the park and forest area, you’ll be in for a delightful day. Breathe in the fresh air and let yourself be transported away from Tokyo for a moment.

Photo: Oi Central Seaside Park

Getting there

From Oi Keibajo-mae Station (Tokyo Monorail), it's an 8-minute walk.

From Shinagawa station (Toei bus 品,Shina-91) get off at a bus stop ‘Yashiominami’ , it’s a 3-minute walk.

From Omori station (Keikyu bus 森, Mori-22) get off at ‘Chuo-Koen’ , it’s a 3-minute walk.

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Sleiman Azizi 3 years ago
Land reclamation projects abound in Japan. This is another example of it going well.
Sherilyn Siy 3 years ago
Wow, impressed to see so much nature on a landfilled area!
Elizabeth S 3 years ago
This kind of seaside greenery is such an amazing find in the huge metropolis. And such a relief from dense urban space.
Kim 3 years ago
Looks like a world away from Tokyo - a nice, quiet respite!

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