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Oyamadairi Park

A great walk amongst wildlife

Oyamadairi Park is a great place for a walk, bike ride, or picnic to enjoy a tranquil atmosphere and listen to the sounds of nature. An artificial pond boasts much wildlife, from carp and many insects to turtles swimming away. It is an ideal place to go for some peace and quiet, away from busy life so often associated with Tokyo.

While staying at Oakhouse Social Residence Sagamihara I decided to explore the surrounding areas and look for parks to visit. Upon walking up some wooden stairs in a forest-like atmosphere, I bumped into a Japanese man who showed me the pond I was seeking out. I have only been in Japan for a few days now, but I have found the people exceptionally kind and friendly. I told him that it was OK to just point out the direction to me, but he insisted on taking time out of his day to walk me down to the exact spot. He told me he was in the park to photograph wild mushrooms, then bid me goodbye and wished my stay in Japan to be a pleasant one.

The pond was a funny experience, where all the carp seemed to take an interest in me and my camera, swimming close to get a closer look; perhaps they thought I had some food for them. Turtles, including little baby ones, came swimming over too. One was especially cute, dipping his head up towards my lens as if to say 'Get me in too!'.

Afterwards I walked around the park, listening to the diegetic sounds of nature and seeing many locals enjoy what I too was enjoying. The park is very spacious, making it a great place for a stroll. It is within a few minutes' walk from Tamasakai station on the Keiō Sagamihara Line.

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