Tokyo Up Close

There's space everywhere if you look

By Sleiman Azizi   Oct 23, 2018 - 1 min read

Tokyo: from monuments paying tribute to a bloody feudal past to the modern kitsch of consumerist hobbying, Tokyo is awash with noise.

Ironically, despite the city's massive population and energy, perhaps Tokyo's most abundant quality is its space. For a city that seems to be bursting at the seams, there is actually an awful lot of time to be had for oneself - if you can take it, that is.

From the modern styling of Roppongi's National Art Center to somber reflections offered by monuments deifying the sacrifices of another time in Akasaka, from the free-wheeling creation of Yokohama's Moku Moku public sculpture to a natural moment within Ueno Park's cherry blossoms, these photos are a fingerprint of the space that Tokyo offers.

Whether you are there for ten days or ten years, do pause and look around. You may discover that Tokyo really is a city with room for all.

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Sleiman Azizi

Sleiman Azizi @sleiman.azizi

A Japanese Permanent Resident who enjoys stringing words together, I drool over proper soba and sushi and run an online photo-to-canvas print store based on my Japan experiences.