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Summer fun at Yomiuriland

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With the temperatures warming up, Tokyoites may be wondering about the best places in the prefecture to cool off during the hot and humid summer months. One such place is Yomiuriland's Pool WAI, which will be open for the season as of July 1st.

Pool WAI is home to a number of different pool types, including a wave pool, a diving pool, and an Anpanman-themed pool which is perfect for those who are visiting with young children in tow. There is also a lazy river for those who would like to chill out and relax, or several waterslides for those looking for an adrenalin rush. The Giant Sky River in particular provides plenty of fun for adventurous groups, as four people can ride down it at a time.

The Anpanman pool area provides fun for the little ones
The Anpanman pool area provides fun for the little ones (Photo: Yomiuri Land Co., Ltd.)

Along with all the daytime fun, the venue will also offer a night pool for a limited period where visitors can swim after dark. The 2022 night pool dates are from Saturday, July 16th until Sunday, September 4th.

The night pool provides plenty of after dark summer fun
The night pool provides plenty of after dark summer fun (Photo: Yomiuri Land Co., Ltd.)

With COVID mitigation measures still in effect, admission to Pool WAI is by advance booking only. Ticket sales will open up closer to the opening date, with details to be posted on the official website here.

Do note that like many water parks and onsen facilities in Japan, tattoos are prohibited if you plan to visit.

Getting there

The closest train stations to Pool WAI are the Keio Yomiuri Land Station, or the Odakyu line's Yomiuri Land-mae Station. Instructions on how to get to the venue from either station can be found in English on the Yomiuriland site.

For those who opt to drive, paid on-site parking is available. It is charged at a rate of ¥ 1500 per vehicle on weekdays, and ¥ 2000 per vehicle on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.

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