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Premium Niboshi Ramen

The twenty-fifth video from Tokyo Extra: Tokyo Ramen

Join the TOKYO EXTRA team with Brian, an international ramen expert, as he travels throughout Tokyo seeking the most tasty and extreme ramen choices. Brian shares his ramen selections with taste testers including Rina and Rena from AKB48.

In this video, Brian and Rina visit “Ito”, a ramen shop located in the high-class area of Ginza, in the center of Tokyo. They will try the shop’s main dish: the Chu-ka Soba. Its soup made from niboshi (dried sardines) and blended with a special soy sauce base. With only a few leeks added as topping, the homemade noodles really stand out! And if that is not enough for you, Brian will show you how the shop’s premium roast pork char siew fits in perfectly with this dish!

Address: 1F 6-12-2 Tokyo Ginza bldg. Chuo-ku, Tokyo (〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座6丁目12−2 東京銀座ビルディング B1F) Hours: Monday - Sunday11:00 - 23:00


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