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How I stopped shooting Japan in black and white

By Linh Than    - 1 min read

Japan in my mind has not always been on 35 mm colored film. For the first few weeks, I saw Tokyo and Japan through a black-and-white lens. I was visually overloaded with everything, so monochrome photography was the easiest way out: by simplifying the colors and unprocessed details, I could focus on the gist of this aesthetically striking place... Or so I thought.

It felt incomplete, and wrong, somehow. I was leaving out colors, because there were too many shades and shapes that I couldn't process. This photo journey, along with detailed captions, was an attempt to tell the story of how I removed filters and portray Japan in her rawest state.

Getting there

Please read the caption that goes with each photo in chronological order.

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Linh Than

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