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Rooftop Bar and Terrace G

A surprisingly wonderful view of Shinjuku

On the 13th floor of the Granbell Hotel in Shinjuku, you can enjoy a marvelous panorama view while consuming a delicious cocktail or a good dinner. This is something you might not expect on the 13th floor of a building, compared with other views from much higher levels. Still, this rooftop will give you a great evening with friends to hang out and enjoy a great jazzy atmosphere.

Whether you sit inside or out, Terrace G will give you an evening out you would expect from a rooftop terrace. The terrace is quite big and offers enough seats along the edge of the roof, where you can enjoy the view from behind a barrier of large glass panes. While enjoying the south side of Shinjuku, you can order one of the many cocktails (around ¥900) or even have a complete dinner. The menu offers dishes such as roasted and grilled food, deep fried food, pasta and curry, and the prices vary between ¥700 and ¥1500. For those who have already had dinner, a large snack menu is available.

When entering you'll find yourself in a well-designed bar that is not too big, and therefore promises that this could turn into a good night. But first, let yourself enjoy the view by asking for a table near the edge of the rooftop. One interesting thing about the view is that on the right you'll discover the Park Hyatt Tokyo, the hotel that became famous for its appearance in the film Lost in Translation with Bill Murray.

As fans will know, Bill Murray plays an actor who stays in Tokyo for a commercial job to advertise the Hibiki 17 whiskey for Suntory, a brand you'll see a lot in Japan. Of course it would be most fun to have this drink in the actual bar of the building you're looking at, but for those who want to save some money, you can consume this whiskey at this rooftop while using the famous quote “For relaxing times, make it Suntory time.”

After you do all this, you could consider going inside for dinner, or just enjoy the rest of your evening sitting at the bar. Even though you're sitting now with your back towards the wonderful view, a large mirror is installed above the back of the bar so you don't have to miss anything happening outside in that stunning panorama.

The Granbell Hotel is famous for its well-designed rooms. It's a 15 minute walk from the east exit of JR Shinjuku station, near one of the biggest Love Hotel areas in Japan as well as Ni-chome, the famous Shinjuku gay area. The closest subway station is Higashi-Shinjuku on the Fukutoshin Line and Oedo Line.

There's a cover charge of ¥500 per table. Of course switching is allowed and the friendly staff will be happy to help you. Also, don't forget to visit the well-designed toilets where you can enjoy the toilet seat going up and down automatically, of course a must in Japan.

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