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Wifi-Hire's Convenient Pocket WiFi

Stay connected in Japan with routers from Wifi-Hire.com

Ever since I acquired my Pocket WiFi router from Wifi-Hire.com my life has been much easier. While I do have my pre-paid phone here in Japan, it isn’t a smart phone with Internet capability. Sure, it was a novelty at first to be forcibly released from my addiction of constantly checking my e-mail and mindlessly scrolling through my Twitter feed, but it was increasingly frustrating to be unable to search for directions or accurate maps. Alas, the WiFi router came into my life and I can use my iPod to get online wherever I find myself in Japan. Now I’m obsessively checking e-mail and updating my social media accounts because obviously my Facebook friends need to know about all the wacky, wonderful things I happen upon here in Japan. Unfortunately for them, most of my posts are cat-related.

The WiFi router is small and portable, about the size of a deck of cards. I always make sure to keep it in my bag so I always have my connection. I opt to bring the charger along, as the router will lose its power if I have it on all day. That being said, I always bring my external battery for my iPod because the charge will run out on that device as well. It’s evident that I carry around many peripherals at all times.

Pocket WiFi works of its own network, using both LTE and 3G, and I’ve only had difficulty connecting out on Sakurajima, which makes sense considering it's far off location, only accessible by ferry from Kagoshima.

WiFi-Hire offers a few types of routers to choose from, each offering different speeds to suit a wide range of users depending on data usage and location (urban area versus rural). Rental periods vary from five to forty-five days with prices starting at 4,980 yen. Contracts can be made from overseas prior to arrival in Japan. Your chosen device can be picked up from the office in Higashi Shinjuku or better yet, delivered to your address in Japan. For those either visiting Japan for a short trip or staying for a longer time, the WiFi devices from WiFi Hire.com are no doubt a top choice, especially if getting a Japanese SIM card or cell phone contract are not viable options. Japan is notorious for its lack of free public WiFi and networks are only starting to crop up in various convenience stores and subway stations. Having a personal WiFi router eliminates any hunt for available networks and makes it possible to connect most anywhere.


This article was written in July 2013, therefore the prices and services, while accurate at the time of publication, may differ slightly to that currently offered by WiFi-Hire.com.For the latest information, please refer to their website.


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asianelvis 10 years ago
Great article! Its great when traveling in groups. One device can support everyone you're with.

Love your carrying case!