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Samurai House Yukimura

Modern convenience with a traditional feel

Staying in Japan, Your Way. More and more people are opening their homes to welcome guests who want to experience what it’s like to live in a Japanese home. Staying at a minpaku—a vacant home you can rent—is an option that offers the best of both worlds: a chance to stay in a real Japanese house, but with the freedom to come and go as you please, and cook your own food.

Convenience is King

Located in a residential area of Tokyo, Samurai House Yukimura is a traditional-style house has all the typical modern necessities—including free Wi-Fi—you need for a comfortable stay, and can house two to seven guests. There are several supermarkets and drugstores nearby, as well as cafes and other shops. Not only that, but it’s also close to a couple of parks—including one with a pool—as well as many well-known shrines. Most convenient of all, Yukimura is just a stone’s throw away from Anamori-Inari station, which in turn is only two stops away from Haneda airport.

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Samurai in the House

Visitors are greeted by an imposing suit of armor upon entrance—a replica of what the infamous samurai Yukimura Sanada would have worn when he was alive in the 16th century. He was cited as the number one warrior in Japan of his time, and both guests and non-guests alike who are interested in getting a real taste of old-style Japan can book a photo studio session wearing the armor for 10,000 yen.

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Old Traditions Stay Alive

The Ota ward area, where Samurai House Yukimura is located, has the highest concentration of public baths in all of Tokyo and offers discounts to guests at the house willing to try this traditional style of bathing. The area also boasts an old nori (seaweed) shop, and a senbei shop that still roasts its own rice crackers. These are traditional sights that even many Japanese people don’t get to experience these days!

Booking Details and More

Biny, the owner of the house, doesn’t speak much English but is knowledgeable about both the local area and Kanagawa and is happy to give advice on off-the-beaten track places to visit. For more information or to book a stay or photo session, call Biny on 090-2720-9971 or book online.

For an even closer look at the house, there is a 360-degree view video of it here.

Getting there

One minute walk from Anamoriinari Station.

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