The twin room option is perfect for multiple guests (Photo: HOTEL MYSTAYS Haneda)
The twin room option is perfect for multiple guests (Photo: HOTEL MYSTAYS Haneda)
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A great way to start your journey

HOTEL MYSTAYS Haneda is conveniently placed near Haneda Airport, making it the perfect place to start your journey when coming to the great country of Japan. Being right next to the airport makes it especially nice when leaving early or arriving late to Tokyo. Along with the calming convenience vital to those visiting a new country for the first time, there are a number of other reasons why travelers should choose to stay at this pleasant hotel.

When stepping through the modern sliding doors of HOTEL MYSTAYS Haneda​​, the reception room personifies the friendly, stylish and relaxing experience that recurs throughout. The staff are welcoming, speaking good English and making sure that your stay will be a satisfactory one. The style not only exists in reception, but flows throughout every room. The rooms have a homey aesthetic, making it easy to feel at one with your surroundings and sink into your comfortable bed, which have pillows that will simply assure a fantastic nights sleep.

Along with the pillows, pajamas are neatly folded upon your bed waiting for your arrival. You can unwind with a nice hot bath, accompanied by shower gels and fragrant smelling shampoos, then slip on your tranquil garments and watch some Japanese TV on a flat screen. The rooms also come with other useful necessities, such as a Wi-Fi, air conditioner (which is very user friendly), a kettle, fridge, safe and plenty of space to hang your clothes.

Adding to all of the above, HOTEL MYSTAYS Haneda has a gym with running machines, weights and fitness balls. This allows fitness conscious individuals to wake up early and start the day with a familiar routine. There is also a library room, adding to the homey feel surrounding the place, with leather sofas and colorful cushions. If you can't sleep straight away after a hectic and stressful flight over, you can always sit down and let your mind unwind here.

While staying at a hotel, one of the first things you ask about most probably concerns breakfast. You can purchase a ticket for breakfast at reception, which is worth doing because it is cheaper than buying one on the actual morning. Breakfast here is served between 5am - 10am and offers both Western and Japanese style dishes, complimented by a huge array of fruit juices.


10 minutes from Haneda Airport Station by train (10 minutes by car)

A free shuttle bus service runs between the hotel and Haneda Airport

4 minutes on foot from Anamori Inari Station on the Keikyu Line


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I confirm, this hotel is very nice. I would add 2 more good points: a very reasonable priced room service. And a big plus : a free shuttle bus to Haneda airport for early departures.
Carol Akiyama 8 years ago
I haven't stayed at this one but this chain is excellent!
Daniel Vesey Author 8 years ago
Yeah it is a very good chain :)
Victoria Vlisides 8 years ago
Can't wait to stay here with my rewards points if possible!
Daniel Vesey Author 8 years ago
I hope that you can :)
FebiNU 8 years ago
Kenji Chida 8 years ago
This is a nice chain with locations throughout Japan. I stayed at one in Kanda and Chuo-ku.
Daniel Vesey Author 8 years ago
Yeah I stayed in one in Nagoya also and I would definitely recommend this chain of hotel!