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Shaved Ice for the Hot Summer

How I enjoyed this summer

It's been very hot in Tokyo this summer. Since I found a shaved ice shop from Kagoshima (where my grandpa lives) at a department store fair, I have tried various kinds of ice at many different places. It became one of my weekend enjoyments. I'll introduce them all below. So enjoy!

This is the first shaved ice that I had this summer at a department store. It is called "Shirokuma (White Bear)." The fruits on top are its unique characteristic, showing that it originated in Kagoshima Prefecture. (Picture 1)

I had different type of shaved ice the day after. This is milk with red bean paste. (Picture 2)

I went to Toraya looking for a traditional shaved ice. I had strawberry, which was limited at this store. This is the small size. (Picture 3)

I tried maccha taste on another day. It was very traditional and made me happy about the fact that I am a Japanese. I ordered the regular size this time, which was a little bigger and made me freeze. (Picture 4)

A famous shaved ice festival is being held at Roppongi Hills until the end of this month. I was very happy to have found it. I've been there twice already! I had rum raisin, which had a very normal taste. (Picture 5)

Then, I had tiramisu on another day, which was good. (Picture 6)

Finally, I'd like to show the shaved ice sold at many summer festivals, which reminds me of my childhood. Although the shape and the cup don't change, the syrup was mango, which was a very modern surprise! (Picture 7)

I've been having fun with having shaved ice this summer. It's been quite enjoyable. I'm thinking about trying another Toraya cafe.  

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