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Sky Lounge Stellar Garden in Tokyo

A nightcap and a stunning view of the city’s landmark

The Sky Lounge Stellar Garden is located on the 33rd floor of the beautiful Prince Park Tower Tokyo hotel in Minato-ku. We chose this lounge to unwind on our “date night” because of the cozy atmosphere, unique cocktails, and the expansive views of Tokyo. Seeing Tokyo Tower from this perspective was pretty magical. For the first time and to my surprise, I witnessed the two types of illumination that Tokyo Tower projects just within the same hour of our visit:

  • Landmark Light glows from sunset to 10:00pm. During this period, there are 180 lights that sparkle warm orange in the winter and cool white in the summer.
  • Diamond Veil illuminates from 8:00pm to 10:00pm only on Friday, Saturday, and on national holidays. Seventeen layers of lights change in seven different colors and sparkle like multicolored jewels.

At 10:00pm, each layer of Diamond Veil illumination shuts off one by one, starting from the bottom. Was this a countdown to Tokyo Tower closing? Unbeknownst to us, the illumination schedule would change. A soft glow had re-appeared within minutes. The warm radiance of the Landmark Light had returned to the skies and would continue through midnight. Tokyo Tower was still in business and date night kept going strong!

The Sky Lounge Stellar Garden is open to the public from 5:00pm to 2:00am daily and is composed of three, tiered sections. The first row of couches is situated closest to the glass windows. The second tier accommodates guests in a combination of table and booth style seating. Lastly, the highest tier is at the bar counter. Although farther from the highlight of the evening, a bar seat provides a great panoramic view of the enhanced city skyline. Please note a few seats may have an obstructive view of Tokyo Tower. For this reason, the wait staff may arrange for temporary seating until a seat with a clear view of the tower becomes available. Reservations are not required, but recommended. A service fee of 530yen will apply per person.

On a Saturday night, we arrived at 9:30pm without a reservation and stayed for one hour. Luckily, our booth promised a great view of Tokyo Tower and more. We ordered Coffee, a Shiso & Ginger Mule from the Flower Style Cocktail menu, and the StellarGarden Dessert Plate. Service was outstanding and a complimentary plate of raisins and crackers accompanied our drinks.

Drinks = 3,000yen.

Dessert = 1,540yen.

Date night at Sky Lounge Stellar Garden = PRICELESS!

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Novia Mardasari 3 years ago
Omg! I want to have dinner, there !!
Victoria Vlisides 7 years ago
would love to go here!
Iain Stanley 9 years ago
Quite the date night location!!
Olga 9 years ago
Looks gorgeous at night!
Justin Velgus 9 years ago
I saw this picture and date night jumped to my mind right away too! I don't think you can much closer to the tower without being going inside it. Great introduction. I will need to keep this place in mind.

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