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TeamLab Borderless and Planets

The most Instagram-worthy spots in Tokyo


This venue will provisionally run until the end of 2027. Closed dates
- Wednesday, November 8
- Thursday, December 7 The last entry is one hour before closing. Visitors might expect a waiting time of 30 to 90 minutes for admission.

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By playing with light, sound, texture, and touch, the TeamLab Digital Art Museums make for one of the most interactive and photo-worthy museums of all time.

Found at TeamLab Borderless
Found at TeamLab Borderless (Photo: Andrea Xie )

When exploring the TeamLab Borderless and Planets exhibits, it is clear to see that the artworks move through the rooms freely. Its unique setup allows for artworks to influence—and sometimes intermingle with—each other. In addition, visitors have the ability to influence the artwork around them, cocreating the world together by using an app to participate.

TeamLab Borderless is a group of artworks that form one borderless world. Artworks are made to transform according to the presence of people and allow visitors to meld themselves into this unified world.

TeamLab Planets is a museum where you move through large body-immersive spaces that consist of a collection of installations in which the entire body becomes immersed in the art; the boundaries between the viewer and the work become ambiguous.

TeamLab Planets Tokyo

TeamLab Planets Tokyo

Spanning across 10,000 square meters, teamLab Planets TOKYO offers a massive space consisting of immersive installations.


However, an immersive learning experience is not all that TeamLab Borderless and Planets offers. The nature of the museum produces amazing opportunities for breathtaking photos.


Found at TeamLab Borderless
Found at TeamLab Borderless (Photo: Andrea Xie)

As soon as you enter, you can find yourself in a room of flowers that illuminate the walls of the space. By playing with the projections, there are numerous ways to get the photo you desire. In addition, there are spaces with different patterns and artworks on the walls, such as roaring waves, colorful splatters of paint, and fish of your creation, that you can pose in front of.

There are also exhibits that are comprised of elements like LED lights suspended from the ceiling, lights that create artwork in mid-air, and whole rooms where you climb through and on the art itself. Overall, the entire space is conducive for breathtaking photography—in addition to fun and education.

Found at TeamLab Borderless
Found at TeamLab Borderless (Photo: Andrea Xie)


Found at TeamLab Planets
Found at TeamLab Planets (Photo: Andrea Xie)

Based on a more body-immersive concept, it can be a little bit more difficult to take a photo in TeamLab Planets. Many of the exhibits involve water, which can make the idea of a photo precarious. Despite the risk of dropping your phone, the photos you can take in Planets are just as beautiful. Because of the water that is incorporated into some spaces, the photos taken there are one-of-a-kind.

Planets also has rooms where you can enjoy the artwork without danger to your electronics. With artwork incorporating flowers that fly around you and colorful free-floating orbs, this museum is perfect for uncommon and charming photos.

Found at TeamLab Planets
Found at TeamLab Planets


Both museums have unique options for food and drinks. Borderless offers a unique experience through its built-in tea house. Inside, you can brew your own tea and watch a flower bloom inside of it. If you decide to order frozen tea, a tea tree grows from it.

In addition to this amazing experience, there are a variety of restaurants to choose from only a couple feet away. Walk toward the mall built next to the museum and you'll find mouth-watering treats .

Found at TeamLab Borderless
Found at TeamLab Borderless

The TeamLab Planets has two restaurants only feet away from the entrance to the museum. Named "Everything Is in Your Hand" and "The Bowl Steakhouse", each caters to a different type of food experience. "Everything Is in Your Hand" offers an original plate of hot dogs, fries, and soda with the concept that everything can be eaten with one hand. "The Bowl Steakhouse" offers a sophisticated platter of Australian steak and fresh salad.

Found at TeamLab Planets
Found at TeamLab Planets

Whether you want to explore the world of interactive artwork, take a unique photo, or just eat some good food, TeamLab Borderless and Planets are the places for you.

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