The Imperial Palace's Inui-mon Street

The palace's superb cherry blossoms

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The Imperial Palace in Tokyo is quite famous as a place to view the spring cherry blossoms. Each year, from late March to early April, the palace's Inui-mon Street opens to the public and sees many tourists, both Japanese and international, coming to visit.

The palace is not far from JR Tokyo Station. Going straight toward the palace from Marunouchi gate, visitors will pass through Sakashita Gate towards Inui-mon Street. When not normally opened, there is a bag inspection when entering but unless it is busy, this inspection doesn't take very long at all.

Inui-mon Street has been opened to the public since 2014 to memorialise the former Emperor. The street is considered a precious place for the people with many people visiting each year.

Entering Sakashita Gate, the atmosphere changes completely. Beautiful cherry blossoms like the common someiyoshino tree and the shidarezakura weeping species are easily appreciated. Visitors who have never seen these trees before are always surprised at just how beautiful they really are.

The palace occupies the former site of the old Edo Castle. The historical remains, together with the lovely cherry blossoms, really do enhance the scenery.

The Imperial Palace is not limited, though, to just Inui-mon Street. There are other areas like the East Gardens and Kitanomaru Park which are also both very nice places to take in and appreciate the cherry blossoms. Visitors can also enjoy the fantastically beautiful red maple leaves in autumn.

Visiting Tokyo and feeling the need to experience the spring and autumn seasons, then the Imperial Palace and its Inui-mon Street cherry blossoms are highly recommended.

(Note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Inui-mon Street will be closed to the public during the 2020 season. For details of next year's hanami season, please refer to the official Imperial Household Agency website.)

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