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Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery

A gallery with interesting special exhibitions

Tokyo being a city full of culture and art lovers, naturally has a lot of art galleries spread across all corners of the city and you never know what you might find in one of them. I discovered the Tokyo Opera City Gallery as part of my adventures with my Grutt Pass which gave me free admission to all the exhibits in the gallery.

Currently there are 3 exhibitions on display at the gallery. The main exhibition is called Body Loud and is a collection of photographs by Ryan Mcginley. This is not an exhibition for anyone afraid of looking at nude photography as almost all photos are celebrating the nude form. The main focus of the exhibition is a full wall of portraits that you could spend all day looking at as you focus on each individual photograph. There are also photos combining glorious nature with being naked and free which showed that the subjects had a lot of commitment to the art as they were not in the warmest of climates. This exhibition is a wonderful celebration of bodies of all shapes and sizes and is being shown until Sunday, 10 July 2016, so don't wait too long to see it.

There are also 2 other exhibitions you can currently view at the gallery. Into the Flowers (From the Terada Collection 055) is focused on different pieces themed around flowers and spring. My favourite painting depicted the beauty of Hanami and was so realistic with everyone sitting on ground sheets and enjoying a picnic under the cherry blossoms. The other exhibition is called Project N64 which is held in a space used to highlight up and coming artists. The current artist is Tanaka Yasuo whose works are mainly black and white paintings with different smears of paint on them to show different things.

The Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery holds special exhibitions around 4 times a year and admission varies with the exhibition. Currently the admission fee is 1200 yen to all exhibits or you can just get a ticket to the Terada Collection and Project N for 200 yen. You can find the art gallery in the Tokyo Opera City complex which is also home to a concert hall and a range of other facilities. The complex is about a 20 min walk from Shinjuku station so it can be combined with nearby attractions like the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building for a great day out.

The Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery is a beautiful experience for any art lover so check out there website to see what exhibitions are on.

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