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Tokyo Museum Lovers' "Grutt Pass"

Discounted and free admission to 79 Tokyo museums

With over 300 museums of all different sizes and specialities across Tokyo it can be hard to know which museums to visit and how to fit them in on a budget but a Grutt (Grutto) pass can help make it a little easier.

The Grutt pass covers 79 museums, art galleries and zoos across the Tokyo area and offers free and discounted admission depending on which ones you visit. It costs only 2000 yen and is valid for 2 months from the first day you use it which makes it very easy to get your money's worth by only visiting 3 or 4 places. It is also easy to purchase as you can buy it at any of the 79 participating museums as well as other information centers including the Tokyo Tourist Information Center at the Metropolitan Government Building.

Another pass option that is even better value is a Grutt pass and Tokyo Metro combo ticket that costs 2700 yen and includes two 24hr Metro tickets which normally cost 600 yen each. These can only be purchased at Tokyo Metro Pass Offices which are only in certain Metro stations. For more information visit the Tokyo Metro website

The pass covers some well-known museums and zoos as well as some not so well-known places. Some of my favourite facilities that offer free admission include:

  • Edo Tokyo Museum- One of Tokyo's best museums that give's an overall picture of the whole history of Tokyo from the days of Edo to the present day with some great mini dioramas. Regular admission- 600yen
  • Ueno Zoo- A nice zoo to wander around for a couple of hours with some interesting animals to see like Naked Mole Rats. Regular admission- 600 yen
  • Shitamachi Museum- A small museum in Ueno Park that gives a great insight into life during the Edo period in the local area. Regular admission- 300 yen
  • Asakura Museum of Sculpture- A museum that was once the residence and studio of the famous sculptor Asakura Fumio who also turned his home into a school. Some great sculptures to see but the house he lived in is just as amazing as he designed it all himself and it has great views. Regular admission- 500 yen
  • Amuse Museum- A museum right next to Senso-ji temple in Asakusa that has an interesting exhibition on Boro clothing and a film on Ukiyo-e paintings. Regular admission- 1080 yen
  • Fukagawa Edo Museum- Another museum focusing on the Edo period with a whole Edo town you can touch and experience. Regular admission- 400 yen
  • Tokyo Sea Life Park- A great aquarium that has some interesting species from around the world that I have never seen anywhere else. Regular admission- 700 yen
  • Miraikan (National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation)- A hands-on science museum found in Odaiba that is great for the whole family. Regular admission- 620 yen

These are just a fraction of the facilities included on the pass that are worth a visit but it's easy to see how you can begin to understand its value. Buy this pass and you might discover a hidden gem you would never have known about without this great Tokyo bargain.

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Justin Velgus 8 years ago
Great deal for museum lovers that I hope to take care advantage of! Nice links with lots of helpful info.

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