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NTT InterComm Center "Open Space"

Long-term exhibition that fuses arts and science

Since the birth and growth of science and technology, Japan has been home to many brilliant modern artists and creators.

One space that is both a place for Japanese and also foreign artists and creators to exhibit their works is NTT InterCommunication Center, a part of Tokyo Opera City.

Every year, this extensive gallery holds a long-term-exhibition of differing content. “Open Space 2013” is the 16th exhibition that has been held since this gallery was opened to the public in 1997. More than 12 artists and several art communities participated in displaying their works in this event.

In essence, “Open Space 2013” has integrated natural sciences and technology with modern art and up-to-date communications technology. It also represents another way for artists to deliver their message through the medium of science and advanced technology. Furthermore, this exhibition also shows visitors that science is not a mundane and lifeless discipline, and can be the source of astonishing and beautiful artworks.

The exhibition hall has several parts. On the first floor in “Open Space 2013”, you will find works from Japan’s artists whose interest lies in the fields of biology and visual arts. It is here that visitors can experience biological science metamorphosed into unique products of modern art.

In the next part, visitors are able to find out and understand about ICC and the exhibition from the huge timeline that is placed along the floor and walls of the 2nd floor. It is also possible for visitors to enjoy and ‘attend’ the past exhibition contents digitally, using the HIVE media archive. Inside the main exhibition hall, visitors will confront and be mesmerized by brilliant modern artworks created through the genius of contributing artists and creators. Here, visitors are able to play and have a fun through direct interaction with science and technology.

This long-term exhibition is an admission-free event which will be open until March 2nd, 2014. It is open every day from 11 AM - 6 PM, with the exception of Mondays, Year End and New Year holidays.


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