Tokyo’s Haneda Airport Terminal 1

Plane spotter’s paradise: part 1

By Steve Morton    - 1 min read

Before opening up to long haul traffic in 2014, Haneda (Tokyo International Airport), was a non-distinct airport used primarily for domestic flights while Narita Airport formed the main international hub for the greater Tokyo area. Because of this reason, Haneda boasts two large domestic terminals known as Terminal 1 and 2 as well as boasting it’s recently constructed international terminal.

The reason for having two domestic terminal buildings as opposed to only one was in order to accommodate both of Japan’s major airlines; JAL (Japan Airlines), and ANA (All Nippon Airways), who despite serving the same country have shared a bitter rivalry that in many ways continues to this day.

Presently, Terminal One consists of six floors and is used primarily for Japan Airlines plus a few other minor airlines including; Skymark Airlines, Star Flyer and Japan Transocean Air. My real reason for coming here however, was to go to the observation deck where you can witness a never ending procession of airplanes waiting to land and take off at one of the world’s now busiest airports

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