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Toshimaya Sake Shop

The oldest sake shop in Tokyo

Toshimaya (豊島屋) is Tokyo’s oldest purveyor of sake, with roots going all the way back to 1596. In “Four Centuries’ Passion for Sake", the history of the Toshimaya tavern is explored through its brewery, ingredients and processes involved in sake brewing, and through key members of Toshimaya’s professional family.

Toshimaya originated when its founder, Toshimaya Juemon, opened the original store and tavern at Kamakura Waterfront in central Edo (modern day Tokyo). These days, their award-winning sake can be found at Haneda International Airport, where they recently launched a new product, the Junmai-Daiginjo Haneda barrel, developed in association with Kamata Liquor Cooperative.

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Twitter: @toshimayahonten
Facebook: www.facebook.com/toshimaya.co.jp
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Geraldine Buergel 3 years ago
Do they also offer tastings at the shop?