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Ukima Park

Itabashi City’s tulip garden

Tokyo and its surrounding cities can be incredibly busy with so much going on. For this reason, it's nice to get away every so often. The people of Japan can relate to this feeling and thus, have established many green spaces throughout Tokyo to do so. Among these spaces, a few have become go-to spots for locals and tourists. Some are popular year-round, while others shine during their respective seasons. Ukima Park belongs to the latter group.

In spring, many flower parks become popular destinations among visitors who enjoy being surrounded by natural beauty, vibrant colors, and sweet smells. Ukima Park is known for its tulips and is most popular from the end of March to early April when the colorful flowers are in full bloom. The park has approximately 20,000 tulips planted throughout various garden beds.

Beyond the flowers at Ukima Park, you will also find a large pond, picnic benches, walking paths, restrooms, and a unique wooden windmill. Locals will frequently visit for afternoon picnics, relaxing strolls, or even to fish from the pond at the center. During springtime especially, Ukima Park becomes quite photogenic, attracting those looking for the perfect photo. There is also a cafe, along with several food spots closer to the train station, offering you all you might need for an extended day out.

More than anything, Ukima Park is a locally appreciated spot, meaning there are fewer crowds during the peak spring season. Compared to parks like Shinjuku Gyoen, Ukima is much smaller and quieter, but equally beautiful. The park doesn't take long to access as it’s located right outside Ukimafunado station. On a perfect sunny day, Ukima Park will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes next. So why not stop by and check it out for yourself?

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