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A transpacific partnership to health - You Clinic

When I got a diagnosis from my dentist in Australia last year that I may lose my tooth after crunching on a piece of bell pepper, I was devastated. Do I have to have artificial teeth? Is there another way to dental health that was more natural?

Have you ever had the niggling feeling that there is an alternative way to dental health? Or you want assurance that your feelings and opinions would be appreciated when you are away from home? If you do, come to the You Dental Clinic, and have a chat with the team of specialists there.

Mr Yamauchi, the head of the clinic at Aoyama itchome, is a Dentist who has a holistic view of your health. He has been trained in both the United States and Japan and has an insider understanding of the dental health philosophies of both countries. Many of his fondest memories came from his studies and interactions with his teachers and friends in Texas about the connection between physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Mr Yamauchi explains to me his philosophy, which involves deeply understanding the needs and wishes of the patient. While in the United States the dentist is likely to remove a tooth if there is any chance of long term decay, in Japan a more holistic approach occurs where the dentist will try to restore the tooth and will work with the patient to discuss different ways to achieve dental health, and the risks and benefits associated with each.

He is a servant at heart and his humble nature reflects his upbringing and his deep faith of his mission to serve under God. He quotes the book of Romans, chapter fourteen, “Who are you to judge a Servant who is not yours? For if he stands, he stands to his Master, and if he falls, he falls to his Master, for it is appointed to his Master to be able to establish him.” in explaining his philosophy. He has worked as a dentist for over 40 years, and has inherited his love of his vocation from his father.

Today, his clinic offers dental check-ups, emergency care, implants, crowns, whitening as well as braces. While charges are slightly higher than in the United States or Australia, his clinic offers high quality services and may provide you with alternative treatments that you may have thought possible in your home country. So whether you are here on vacation, or coming to Tokyo to specifically receive dental treatment, it is good to know that you have more options at You Clinic.

The clinic has been operating for over forty years in Aoyama, since the inception of the twin towers building above the subway station, which is convenient to Shinjuku,Roppongiand most parts of inner Tokyo. It is open six days a week from 10 am to 4 pm. If you need an English speaking dentist, please contact Mr Yamauchi in advance.

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