What is Kaitensushi?

Ueno sushi shop

By Charles Colfer    - 1 min read

Kaitensushi is a fast and delicous way to get a bite to eat. Usually packed around the lunch rush hour, it is best to go after or between major meal times.

The rotating sushi bar phenomenon has captured peoples attention and even made its way into other countries like the United States. Even though you're paying less than a traditional sushi bar, don't worry about the quality slipping. The sushi at these places is fantastic! This shop is barely a 5 minute walk from Ueno Station and if you're in the area, definitely worth a visit. 

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Charles Colfer

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Nicole Bauer 6 years ago
Great introduction, well done and thank you!!
Justin Velgus 6 years ago
I love kaiten-zushi!!