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Willer Bus Pass VS JR Pass

What is the best transport pass in Japan?

One of the great dilemmas all foreigners face in traveling to Japan is the cost of transportation. With a one-way train ticket from Tokyo to Kyoto costing 13,080 yen ($130), most will immediately start researching alternative modes of transportation. However, travelers do not despair. Both major bus and rail networks provide multiple day-passes making travel more economical and convenient.

As every holiday itinerary to Japan is different, it is impossible to prescribe a universal best bet option. However, the following diagnosis should assist you in being able to choose the pass that suits you and your budget the best.


The two major passes on offer are the JR Rail Pass and the Willer Highway Bus Pass. The JR Pass allows for unlimited travel on all JR lines nationwide for the length prescribed by the purchased ticket. The length of the ticket is in consecutive days meaning that if you purchase a seven-day pass it will expire seven days later.

The Willer Bus Pass allows for nationwide coverage between all major cities. The bus pass is a little bit different and can be purchased for three or five days. Each day is denoted a traveling day and one can book up to three buses on each of those traveling days.

So theoretically, one could travel from Aomori - Tokyo, Tokyo - Osaka, or Osaka - Hakata with only one day of the bus pass. Importantly the bus pass is valid for two months from the date of purchase and does not have to be used consecutively.


Both passes offer varying ticket lengths, with the JR Pass being considerably more expensive than the Willer Pass.

Additionally, it should be noted that many Willer Bus services travel through the night, allowing budget sensitive travelers to save on nightly accommodation.

JR Ordinary Pass 7 Days ¥29,110 (~$291 USD) 14 Days ¥46,390 (~$463 USD) 21 Days ¥59,350 (~$593 USD)

Willer Bus Pass All Days 3 Days ¥12,500 (~$125 USD) 5 Days ¥15,000 (~$150 USD)


The JR pass which includes all JR local lines and Shinkansen Services (except Nozomi and Mizuho trains) is extremely efficient and perfect for those with limited time in Japan.

For example travelers on the Hikari Shinkansen (covered by the JR Pass) can expect to reach Kyoto from Tokyo in 2 hours and 40 minutes. An equivalent trip with Willer bus can be expected to take around 8 hours.

The JR pass is also valid for use on all JR local lines making metropolitan travel more efficient as well.

As far as travel delays go, both are generally very reliable however travel on the Willer Bus is always dependent on road congestion and seasonal weather conditions.

Comfort & Aesthetics

There is nothing quite like steaming through the Japanese countryside on a Shinkansen "bullet train" service. The train is comfortable with most modern amenities and in many cases the passing scenery is supreme.

As far as buses go, the Willer bus is as advanced as any. In most cases the seat reclines to 140°, blankets are supplied and a small flap folds over one's head for extra privacy.


Ultimately for those without a budget, a JR pass is more efficient, comfortable and enjoyable than the Willer equivalent.

However, for a significantly lesser price, Willer offers tourists a fantastic inter-city connection that for the most part is comfortable and reliable. The Willer bus pass is perfect for those with more time in Japan ( 2-month pass validity ) and has the luxury to experience Japan at their own pace.

The JR pass is a perfect way for those with limited time and a healthy budget; allowing for quick intercity transportation and a degree of metropolitan coverage.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which will best fit your itinerary.


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Anonymous 6 years ago
Relinda Puspita 7 years ago
Night bus is interesting. It has cap to cover your face while sleeping.
Connor Lappin Author 7 years ago
Yeah how cool are they! Some of the buses even have tvs!
Joseph Bautista 7 years ago
So, basically the variables are time and budget. I used the willer buses for weekend trips around Japan, and saved considerable amounts of money with night buses.
Connor Lappin Author 7 years ago
Yeah absolutely- Willer is super comfortable and generally a good fit for those with a bit of time up there sleeve
Bonson Lam 7 years ago
While the Tokyo to Kyoto train at $130 may seem a lot, it is as quick as a plane, door to door, so actually it is not too bad. Compare it to the Brisbane to Gladstone train. It is $70 for the same distance, but takes twice as long, at 5 hrs 7 min, and it only runs once a day. The Kyoto train runs every 10 mins. It is hard to beat the convenience.
Connor Lappin Author 7 years ago
For sure the train is very convenient and efficient- the bus is a good alternative for those travelling on a budget.