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Tottori Sand Museum

Incredible themed sculptures, all made of sand

Japan has a host of unique museums to visit, and an incredibly interesting one is the Tottori Sand Museum. Based in close proximity to the sand dunes that the prefecture is known for, this museum dedicates itself to one thing - sand sculptures. Each year since 2012 the museum has focused on a particular annual theme (usually centered around a country or region) and sand artists create a variety of sculptures to coincide with that.

On the year that I visited the theme was Russia, and there was an incredible number of pieces to view. Many of them had a historical element, so if you're a history buff it's well worth a visit. Other year's themes have included South America, Nordic Countries, and the United States of America. This year's event focuses on South East Asia and runs until early 2020.

Getting there

The Tottori Sand Museum is located a ten minute drive from Tottori's Conan Airport.

More info

Find out more about Tottori Sand Museum.

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