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Willer Express Bus Trip

Willer Express is a long-distance bus line that stretches across Japan and hits most major cities. It has many comfortable busses and a variety of options.

Tsurumai Line Subway

Officially titled the “Nagoya City Rapid Railway Line 3”, Nagoya’s Tsurumai Line subway system links the Meitetsu groups busy Inuyama Line, Toyota Line and Mikawa Lines.

LINIMO, the Mag Lev Train

The Linear Motor or LINIMO maglev train operators claim it to be the World’s first commercially operated Magnetic levitation train system, however...

Go loopy in Nagoya!

Japan’s first, and only true loop line subway system with a distance of 26.4 kilometers is the Nagoya Municipal Subway Meijo Line.

New Smart Travel IC Card

The Central Japan Travel Card can save time and the hassle of purchasing individual train tickets for each journey and can also be used in buses and in taxis. There are many more benefits as the card can also be used as a digital currency at participating shops and even vending machines.

Higashiyama Subway

Of Nagoya’s 4 subway lines, the Higashiyama Line is the city’s oldest, having opened in November of 1957 and connecting 20.6 Kms & 22 stops