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Engetsu Island Sunset

Perfect circle in the center of the island

Engetsu Island is a popular sightseeing spot, known for its nice sunset view. There is a perfect circle in the center of the island, and its shape is quite attractive. So, a lot of people visit here to enjoy the gorgeous sunset that forms behind Engetsu Island.

The kanji of Engetsu means 'perfect moon'. Someone thought the hole in this island looked like a full moon and so called it Engetsu Island (Perfect Moon Island).

The day I visited, the reflection of the sunlight was so beautiful on the super-clear water. The ripples that lapped up on the beach created a low-toned murmur. I saw some people gathering sea urchins on the rocky shore, waiting for the sunset. I overheard someone say that the tide pools on the rocks swarm with sea urchins...

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