Tendo City Nabe Battle

40 restaurants serving up unique nabe offerings

Venue: Tendō, Yamagata, Japan When: Late Nov - Early Dec 2023

Now in its 27th year, the Tendo City Nabe Battle is held every winter and sees numerous restaurants fight it out – peacefully – to be crowned as having the region's number one hot pot dish.

Some of this year's offerings include a chicken dumpling and yuzu nabe from Izakaya Bar Maribow, a Sichuan-style pork nabe at Senkaku Chinese Restaurant, and a curry udon nabe from Papiyotto Snack Bar.

There is an incentive to try out more than one of the nabe dishes on offer, too. Eat at one of the participating restaurants and you'll get a postcard which can be stamped at the next restaurant you visit. Send it in to the specified address, and there's a chance to win prizes including a robot vacuum, a Nintendo Switch, and a voucher for a local hot springs accommodation spot.

Getting there

The 40 restaurants participating in this year's nabe battle can be found in PDF form here (in Japanese).

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Elena Lisina a year ago
I still have to try nabe!
Kim Author a year ago
Yes, we really like it as a family! But I think you could still enjoy it at a restaurant alone! 💖
Sleiman Azizi a year ago
Nabe is great. Comfort food like no other!
Kim Author a year ago
100%! It's the best on cold days!
Elizabeth S a year ago
Nabe is the best in January and February. Huddling around a steaming nabe keeps you from drying out and freezing solid!
Justin Velgus a year ago
Don't forget the kotatsu! Then it's really a Japan winter!

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