Ultimate Fort 2 & Scary Haunted Lab

New attractions at Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park

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With its nice and hot weather, summer is an ideal time to visit Japan. And one of the best places to go in Japan to enjoy your holidays, with friends or family, is definitely Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park. With its pristine location at the base of Mount Fuji, Fuji-Q Highland is one of the most popular destinations for both tourists and locals alike, and is the most famous theme park in the country.

It only takes 2 hours to get there from Tokyo, and when the sky is clear, you will definitely enjoy one the greatest views of the most famous mountain in Japan. Summer at Fuji-Q always means something interesting and this year is no exception, with brand new attractions giving you more reason than ever to go right away!

Ultimate Fort 2

If you failed to escape the first one, do not expect a better chance with the second! More challenging than its predecessor, Ultimate Fort 2 is the attraction for anyone who loves puzzles and challenges requiring your brain. However, you will need more than just your brain, but also some brawn and a bit of luck.

The first edition deceived a lot of people, resulting in many quick failures; only 2 groups from a total of over 250,000 attempts ever escaped successfully! Even with its low success rate, visitors were never deterred by this huge challenge, and the first Ultimate Fort attracted a lot of groups. In a challenge to those still determined to emerge victorious, Fuji-Q has made the second edition even harder and more challenging, with new rooms and puzzles.

One of the new concepts is the dark room, where you must walk near the wall if you do not want to be detected by the cameras and military robots, which will check each corridor during the infiltration mission. Be careful: even if only 1 person (maximum 4 people) in the group gets detected, the military will still come to kick you all out of the complex.

Each stage of the labyrinth is different, getting harder as you progress. At the end, when you fail or (maybe) succeed, you receive a photo of yourself during one of the missions with your rank and the number of points you got. A good souvenir to motivate you to do even better the next time each time you look at it!

If you have Indiana Jones' strength, Einstein's brain, and Carrie Wells' memory, you just might join the mighty rank of "Successful Escapees" and get a special prize in recognition of your great achievement.

  • Size of the facility: 3,300m²
  • Price: 800 yen (except if you have a Free Pass)
  • Duration: around 1 hour and 20 minutes on average

Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear

If you have already tried it, you probably haven't forgotten the terrifying experience of this ridiculously enormous haunted house full of zombies and ghosts – a pure nightmare for the weak-hearted. For 50 minutes, you will walk through the longest haunted house in the world (around 900 meters total!). The Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear is one of the most popular attractions in Fuji-Q Highland in recent years, but occasionally gets updated with new rooms and creatures.

On July 25th 2015, the Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear had its renewal opening after being closed for a few months. New rooms, a new design, and a brand new special room near the haunted house await.

The Sound Horror Attraction is where you will discover a murder scene, surrounded in pitch darkness and eerie sounds. Feel the fear flow through you!

  • Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear
    • Size of the facility: 3,000m²
    • Price: 500 yen (not included with the Free Pass)
    • Duration: around 50 minutes
  • Sound Horror Attraction
    • Price: 500 yen (free if you have a Free Pass)
    • Duration: around 5 minutes

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Claire Rieuneau

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Erin Rizal 5 years ago
This also sounds like something fun to do over the fall, too! Thanks for sharing this, definitely gonna find a way to go to this.
Yuditha Sucia Nadhiif 5 years ago
I never find any attraction at amusement park like Ultimate Fort 2. As an action gamer I really really want to go there. The instruction in English or Japanese?
Claire Rieuneau Author 5 years ago
First time for too ! I was surprised (in the good way of course!!). The instructions are unfortunatly in Japanese, but some details are written in English on the walls. But even for Japanese people it is not always easy to understand what they have to do : that's part of your "mission" to guess that ahah :)
Justin Velgus 5 years ago
Wow. Two of the attractions are nearly an hour long?! Most theme parks you wait an hour, two, or three! for a less than five minute ride.
Claire Rieuneau Author 5 years ago
Yes that's the great thing about these attractions in Fuji-Q! They are great and last long (only if you are smart and lucky if we talk about Ultimate Fort 2! This one can last 5 minutes if you failed too early ahah).