Otto Sette

Italian fine dining at the foot of Mt Yatsugatake

By Valerie Kor    - 1 min read

Experience a truly Italian-style dinner in OTTO SETTE, one of the main restaurants in RISONARE Yatsugatake. “Otto,” eight in Italian, symbolizes Yatsugatake and “sette,” seven in Italian, refers to the seven main agricultural industries in Yamanashi. “OTTO SETTE” thus conveys the freshness of ingredients used, and its location in RISONARE Yatsugatake. The chefs in OTTO SETTE have studied their art in Italy to bring out the most authentic Italian flavours. When I visited, I was served Menu Trioni, a 10-course dinner using only the freshest seasonal ingredients available in the autumn. From the Stuzzichino to the last cappuccino, I was rendered top-notch service and enjoyed the luxury of savouring each delicately prepared dish at my own pace.

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