The Secret to a Great Tofu Dessert

Delicious fruit & gigantic flowers in the Minami Alps

By Su Stori    - 2 min read

A few years ago we paid a visit to Yama no Kaju-en fruit farm in Yamanashi Prefecture. The owner there talked to us with deep passion about his different fruit trees, and when we tasted the peaches... WOW! For an instant I was brought back to my childhood, when my grandfather would come home with his own produce, always so full of flavours and aromas.

The plums and peaches we brought back home gave me the inspiration for a new tofu dessert, which I prepared for a friend who is allergic to dairy. The result was really surprising: the intense yet natural sweetness of the fruit made this dessert quite special and soon it became very popular also within my cookery classes.

*Note: There are many fruit farms in the area that are members of a co-op called Kudomonogari. This is one of the farms. Follow this link for driving directions in pictures (Sorry, Japanese only). FAX 055-227-5454  TEL 080-3400-6796 

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Su Stori

Su Stori @susanna.stori

My passion for Japan started when I was three, and this brought me to travel and live there for 20 years later in my life. At first I studied and worked as a language teacher, then as a translator and interpreter, but after a few years I discovered the Washoku (Japanese food) cutlure and its healing power, which became my new passion and  also helped me in getting rid of health related issues I had had since I was very young (the passion for Kanji hasn't faded, though!). Soon I started to study Japanese cooking in different areas of Japan, and also had the chance to learn from famous chefs like Kikunoi and Kinmata in Kyoto. I learned so much during those years, not only about food, but also about endless dedication and passion. Today I am working as a healing-with-foods advisor, cookery teacher and lecturer. I would like to create and expand a network of people who are interested in this topic in order to share experiences and ideas. But it would be lovely to hear even from all those who found their encounter with Japan one of the most exiting and meaningful experiences in their lives. Looking forward in hearing from you.