About Chiba
Area:5,157.64 sq. km

It’s not hard to see that Chiba is more than just a bedtown for its western neighbor Tokyo. In fact, many tourists might find it impossible to avoid the prefecture - Narita Airport is the world’s primary gateway to Japan.

Its convenient proximity from Tokyo means that major theme parks such as Disneyland, Disney Sea, and Kamogawa SeaWorld aren’t too far away from the nation’s capital.

That being said, Chiba is also known for its natural beauty and history. If theme parks aren’t your thing, try visiting some of Japan’s best beaches in southern Chiba (easily accessible from Tokyo via the Aqualine toll road), Narita-san Shinsho-ji, or enjoy the spectacular views from Nokogiri-yama. Funassyi (Funabashi City’s popular mascot character) goods are popular souvenirs!

Things to Do in Chiba

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Mount Saw Tooth, Chiba Prefecture

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Yoro Keikoku Valley, Chiba

Experience beautiful nature in Yoro Keikoku

Great photos!!!

Sunset at Inage Seaside Park

Enjoy the evening at the beach at Tokyo Bay

Beautiful photos! For eyes sun is red, but for cameras - white!


Unagi grilled eel along Narita's Omotesando

Oishi desuyo!

Enjoy Great Nature at Futtsu Park

A daytrip in Chiba Prefecture

Beautiful park! I saw such bent trees in Hamamatsu. Thanks for the photos!