About Fukushima
Area:13,783.75 sq. km

Though devastated by the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, much of Fukushima has been restored to at or near pre-earthquake levels (certain areas in the Hama-dori region remain evacuated). Fukushima has been increasing their efforts to attract tourists again, and rightfully so - the prefecture is abound with intriguing sites.

The Shiramizu Amida-do is the only National Treasure in the prefecture, while Spa Resort Hawaiians remains a popular attraction even for Japanese people.

Two notable mountains are Mt. Bandai and Mt. Iimori, the former a great hiking spot offering spectacular views of Lake Inawashiro, while the latter is known as the tragic site of the suicides and burial of 20 teenage Aizu samurai who had fought in the Boshin War and wrongly assumed that the nearby Tsuruga/Aizu Wakamatsu Castle had been taken.

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Tohoku's Massive Unknown Cave

Abukuma-do Cave is still a mystery to most non-Japanese

Indeed! You'll never know what you will find, until you look!

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I see! Thank you, Justin! Is it allowed to open windows of a car or not?

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I went to Abukuma-do and was blown away. It is much better than I thought. The entrance can be misleading as the concrete floor and lights make it seem like nature has been conquered by man. However,...

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lot of training has to be given to this cat.