About Kanagawa
Area:2,415.81 sq. km

Perhaps the term “melting pot” is the best way to describe Kanagawa. Being the second most populated prefecture, Kanagawa’s first impression is a modern, “concrete jungle” similar to its northern neighbor, Tokyo. And that’s true to a certain extent, as you can tell from the big city of Yokohama and the Minato Mirai 21 district. However, that urbanity is perfectly balanced with beautiful nature, such as Enoshima’s beaches, Sankei-en, Yamashita Park, and Hakone Onsen.

Being the site of Commodore Perry’s landing in 1853, Kanagawa is also a fusion of foreign and Japanese history and culture. Traditional Japanese structures such as Enkaku-ji and the Great Buddha of Kamakura co-exist with Yokohama Chinatown, the Red Brick Warehouse, and Western-style buildings in the Motomachi district.

Romantic nighttime views of the city and Tokyo Bay can be enjoyed from the Landmark Tower observatory and Osanbashi Pier.

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The Pink Sunset at Hayama-Isshiki

Get ready for a trip to the beach!

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