About Tokushima
Area:4146.93 sq. km

Tokushima is the quintessential Shikoku prefecture - sparsely populated, lots of nature, and a unique culture.

If you’re visiting Tokushima, try to time your stay for mid-August, although it will be much more crowded than usual. That’s because the Awa Odori, Japan’s largest traditional dance festival, is held during that time period and is a must-see Tokushima event. Be sure to also see the powerful whirlpools off the coast of Naruto City, one of Japan’s most mesmerizing natural phenomenons.

Round out your trip with a visit to either the Tokushima Castle Ruins and its beautiful garden or the Takanose Canyon, voted as Tokushima’s number one tourist spot. The scenic Iya Valley, famous for its exciting vine bridges and thatched roof farmhouses that give you a glimpse of what traditional Japan was like.

Things to Do in Tokushima

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