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HOTEL MYSTAYS Nagoya-Sakae is a hotel among busy streets, so you are never far away from the buzz of Nagoya. Upon entering reception you are greeted with a stylish presence, this style not only exists here but rises like steam into every room. The staff are friendly and helpful, speaking a good level of English and Chinese. The rooms are well designed and modern, with many things done to improving a guest's level of comfort. The bath is a particular stand out and is great for relaxing in after visiting the wonder attractions of Nagoya. In-room massages are also a talent of this hotel allowing guests to pamper themselves. 

Nagoya Travellers Hostel

"For the two of us, home isn't a place. It's a person. And we are home." is the right quote to describe how delighted I was to get stranded in Nagoya Travellers Hostel, a heartwarming hostel that welcomes everyone who wanders along their journey. 

Hotel 'the b nagoya'

I would be happy to stay at the 'hotel b nagoya' again. Just like the best waiters are the ones you don’t notice, the best hotels are ones that don’t annoy.

Hotel Mielparque Nagoya

In Nagoya, Hotel Mielparque offers to visitors a charming property with a convenient connection to the heart of the city and its main attractions.

Irago Sea Park and Spa

At the very tip of the Irago peninsula, Irago Sea Park and Spa is a resort driven by beauty; In decor, surroundings and the services it provides.

Will Miss 'the b' so Badly

the b is undoubtedly one of the finest mid-market hotel brands in Nagoya. If you plan to travel around Aichi Prefecture and pass through Nagoya, then do consider choosing the b nagoya as your place to stay.

Hotel Crown Palais Chiryu

A mere two minute walk away from Chiryu station, this hotel holds enough inside that it isn't just perfect for a day trip of a stay - but also events and weddings.