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Hotel Crown Palais Chiryu, a short 2 minute walk away from Chiryu station, is a convenient, multi-purpose hotel in Aichi prefecture. Chiryu is otherwise well-known as Chiryu-juku, the 39th of 53 Stations of the original Tokaido Road, which connected Edo (modern day Tokyo) and Kyoto.

Hotel Crown Palais Chiryu is the leading venue for travellers, business trips and conventions alike. This full service hotel offers fine dining, bridal services and banquet facilities, so you always sure to witness some exciting and celebratory events throughout the hotel, particularly on weekends. The hotel lobby's Orchid tea lounge makes for a spectacular introduction to the venue, serving numerous light refreshments for the weary traveler. Enjoy a drink among the lavish decor and witness the immediate wow factor that the lobby exudes.

The hotel offers several different types of room, including double, twin, the suite and Japanese-style rooms. The large suites are lavish in style and furnishings, but also boast a wide panoramic view of surrounding Chiryu from the top floor. The Japanese-style rooms will come with tatami-matted rooms, and some combine Western decor with Japanese-tatami matted areas too. Fully traditional will give you a table in the centre of a tatami room. Futons to sleep on are set after dark. The Western styled version maintains the Japanese decor and aesthetics, but provides a double bed to sleep on. The rooms come with all the amenities you can expect, including Wi-Fi and a LAN internet connection. Massages can also be ordered to your room in the evening, whilst food room service lasts from 5:30-9:30pm.

On the top floor, the Italian restaurant, Trenta Nove, serves a variety of meat and fish courses, but you are also free to enjoy the evening buffet, serving both Western and Japanese dishes. The restaurant overlooks the night sky, providing clear views of the skyline and a fitting accompaniment to your meal. After the main course, you can enjoy a dessert buffet with cakes, sweets and a chocolate fountain.

The Japanese restaurant, Narihira​, serves traditional Japanese food across two different serving areas, including traditional tatami-matted seating and more contemporary restaurant table seating. Both rooms are gorgeously decorated, giving you a true Japanese feel regardless of your preference. Another Japanese style restaurant, Matsuri, serves a variety of Japanese beer and sake alongside izakaya-style dishes in the evening.

Hotel Crown Palais Chiryu guarantees a comfortable night's stay and provides a rewarding and relaxing experience, thanks to the numerous restaurants available and kind, dedicated staff making sure you can enjoy your stay.

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